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Guitarist. Composer. Educator. Performer.

What goes into a Teaching Philosophy?


Hello! Thanks for visiting my website and taking the time to read through! I'd like to introduce my philosophy on teaching music. I have been teaching privately for five years and generally have a roster of 20 private students between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but now I have the time, experience and dedication to take on more. 


My teaching style is goal-specific and individually tailored for the student. I work with the student or their parents to not only devise a focused practice regime but also to nurture and develop a practice philosophy that promotes self-discipline, the value of hard work, and the joy of playing an instrument.

I have had the privilege of a great music education. Some of the talented educators I have studied under (and still do from time to time) are guitarists Dave Allen, Matt Davis, Ben O'Neil, and Mike Kennedy.

Other educators I have studied with include Norman David, Ron Kerber, Lewis Porter, Don Glanden, J Michael Harrison, and Annette DiMedio. All of them have impacted my teaching philosophy and musicianship in innumerable ways.


Whether your goal is to dust off the old ax, nail the college audition, or get yourself or your child engaged with the performing arts, I want to work with you to develop a goal-oriented method for making those wishes, dreams, and thoughts a reality!

What Do I Teach?

The guitar is my main instrument, so the majority of my students are guitarists. I have played in rock bands, metal bands, jazz bands - you name it! I have been studying jazz academically for the last 5 years (right about when I just started teaching).


I am also a composer and have experience with audio engineering. If you are looking for a solid theory lesson, or want to learn what compression is, I can help, with that also!


Most importantly, I teach the proven and most effective ways to learn. The structured approach we devise together will get you to your goals!    

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